Friday, June 14, 2013

Damon Bard website update.

Damon Bard has updated his website with some new sculptures from DreamWorks The Croods and other shows he has worked on.  If you haven't seen his website before, go check it out here...

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Rad Sechrist How To School

 Rad Sechrist has an awesome online School well worth checking out here - If you don't know Rad Sechrist, he is  an amazing Storyboard and Character Design artist at DreamWorks. You can even watch a full 2 hour preview of one of his classes here - 
Get ready to be inspire, and to have a desire to draw for hours after the class is done like I did.

Other Links...

Rad's How To Blog -
You can also read his Character Design interview here -

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Harald Siepermann (1962-2013)

Some very sad news as most of you know Harald Siepermann died on Saturday.  He was my first and one of my favorite artists I had the privilege of interviewing on this little blog. I had a wonderful time meeting him in California 2009 at the CTN Expo. He was as nice and thoughtful as I thought he would be.  Harald will be missed greatly by all who knew him.  His artwork always uplifted me, and gave me the desire to try harder.  When you saw his work, you couldn't help but pickup a pencil and draw. Cartoon Brew has a really nice post about him on their website here...

If you would like to read my very first interview with Harald Siepermann click on the link below.  What a great guy with an amazing talent.