Friday, October 23, 2015

Illustrator's Guidebook by 21Draw

The people behind the very popular book 21Draw are putting together another awesome book called an Illustrator's Guidebook. It's a tutorial art book with lessons by industry legends who have worked for Disney, Marvel, DC, Dreamworks, Pixar & many more. The campaign for the book has way passed the pledge goal of $20,000 so it is a 100% funded already.

So head on over to Kickstarter here...

You only have 7 days left to get it and receive some pledge rewards as well. Every artist will want to get their hands on this book if it's anything like the popularity of their last one.

If you are wondering about the quality and the many talented artists that they have in their books, take a look at a few of the pages below from their last book 21Draw.  I still think you can buy that book here...

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